5 Product Videos I Love

We are an Austin Texas video production company specializing in corporate videos, particularly company product videos. Company product videos are essentially sales videos and promote products, services or projects a company does or has done. We're huge fans of these pieces of brand films and picked a few we really love. 1. Google “Evolved” This is a product video simply to show the new Google design. But what it ends up doing is take you through a history of Google and, in essence, a history of our online lives. And it’s all through a series of voices. It’s so simple, it’s such a perfect piece of creative media. 2. Coin “One Coin For All Of Your Cards” One beautifully shot, simply expla

Does Video Make Money? We Crunched The Numbers.

In the digital era, we have entered the video golden age. We’ve all seen the numbers to support this. The internet is becoming a video-first medium. As such, video is an increasingly crucial tool for you as a marketer. If it’s not now, it should be. If it’s not now, it’s gonna be. Alright, so the numbers look good, right? Video seems really important, right? Great. But what if it’s not enough? More specifically, what if you need actual dollar amounts to see the value of corporate video? Or, as often is the case, what if you need real dollar amounts to take to your boss to show the return on investment for video production? Well, we crunched the numbers. Video is fun and flashy mar


Perfect Chaos Films has put together some useful information for small businesses looking to learn more about corporate video, video marketing and video production. We have a lot of tips for how to choose what video marketing to create, some examples of quality creative company culture videos/event videos/product videos, how to distribute your video production content, specific local Austin video production tips and why corporate video is important for telling your brand's story.


Have any questions about video production or video marketing? Please feel free to reach out, we love to share what we've learned from our clients over the years.






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