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5 Product Videos I Love

We are an Austin Texas video production company specializing in corporate videos, particularly company product videos. Company product videos are essentially sales videos and promote products, services or projects a company does or has done. We're huge fans of these pieces of brand films and picked a few we really love.

1. Google “Evolved”

This is a product video simply to show the new Google design. But what it ends up doing is take you through a history of Google and, in essence, a history of our online lives. And it’s all through a series of voices. It’s so simple, it’s such a perfect piece of creative media.

2. Coin “One Coin For All Of Your Cards”

One beautifully shot, simply explained and incredibly effective product explainer video. And I really like the subject of the video content. They could have gone with a flashy actor type here but they didn’t. Here’s very real and he’s great at getting to the heart of what the product does.

3. Box “Crunchies”

This perfectly demonstrates the value of visual storytelling. Imagine illustrating to a prospective customer about how your product solves their pain points regarding FTP servers and VPNs using spoken or written words. Now compare that to having it done visually by these children. And it was probably a video production experience they'll never forget.

4. Clear “Simplify With Clear”

A great example of what can be done for under $5000. A simple familiar setting, some nice upbeat music and a clear simple demonstration. All without saying a single word.

5. Dollar Shave Club “Our Blades Are F***ing Great”

In a previous post I did about video marketing value I showed the ROI on videos starting at a very low budget range. For those skeptical at the notion of getting great return on small video budgets I present this video to you. This video went viral, it’s been seen by tens of millions and it basically made the Dollar Shave Club brand. And it was done for $4500. Yes, truly, a little creativity goes a long way. In many ways this video represents everything we’re setting out for when we do one of our product videos.

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