So, Exactly HOW Big is Video Marketing, Really?: A List of 20 Facts

We're an Austin video production company but what are you hearing if your'e not directly involved in production in Austin or familiar with corporate video at all? You may keep hearing video is more and more important, but, just really, how much? As with a lot of things in today’s world... It starts with social media. Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter have all seen exponential growth in video use for their users. But none more than Facebook. As of this USA Today story from November, there are 8 billion daily video views on Facebook, more than one view daily per person in the world(!). Largely helped by the fact that... Videos and photos get the most activity on social media, an example be

The 4 Types of Corporate Videos Your Small Business Should (And Totally Could) Have Right Now

1. Company Culture Video Most culture videos primarily focus on recruiting talented employees but, when done right, a culture video should also promote the brand and attract sales prospects. Great culture videos show you have a fun, smart, winning company. And everyone wants to be a part of a winner. "This is Zendesk" 2. Corporate Event Video Often times a company’s greatest moments are their hosted events. Those great moments shouldn't fade with memory. Nor should the magic of those moments be limited to the people that were present at the time, let thousands of others join the experience. "Fuel Detroit" 3. Live Action Product Video Essentially a longer commercial on your YouTube pag


Perfect Chaos Films has put together some useful information for small businesses looking to learn more about corporate video, video marketing and video production. We have a lot of tips for how to choose what video marketing to create, some examples of quality creative company culture videos/event videos/product videos, how to distribute your video production content, specific local Austin video production tips and why corporate video is important for telling your brand's story.


Have any questions about video production or video marketing? Please feel free to reach out, we love to share what we've learned from our clients over the years.






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