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The 4 Types of Corporate Videos Your Small Business Should (And Totally Could) Have Right Now

1. Company Culture Video

Most culture videos primarily focus on recruiting talented employees but, when done right, a culture video should also promote the brand and attract sales prospects. Great culture videos show you have a fun, smart, winning company. And everyone wants to be a part of a winner.

"This is Zendesk"

2. Corporate Event Video

Often times a company’s greatest moments are their hosted events. Those great moments shouldn't fade with memory. Nor should the magic of those moments be limited to the people that were present at the time, let thousands of others join the experience.

"Fuel Detroit"

3. Live Action Product Video

Essentially a longer commercial on your YouTube page; a great creative bit might sell your product better than your sales staff.

"Dollar Shave Club"

4. Animated Explainer Video

Why do they work so well? They simplify the complicated. They appeal to the senses. They get to the point.

"Mint: What Does One Trillion Dollars Look Like?"

Michael is the Executive Producer of Perfect Chaos Films in Austin, TX. Perfect Chaos Films specializes in corporate video and named one of the fastest growing Austin video production comapies.

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