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5 Video Production Tips for 2019

1. Assign someone on your team as ‘video ambassador’

This doesn’t need to be a full-time person (in fact it shouldn’t be) but assign one person on your team as a “video ambassador”. This is the person designated to shoot a few videos at a company function, company announcements or just fun stuff around the office. They should already know or should learn basic video editing. And this doesn’t have to an expensive video production venture, they can just use their phone and iMovie editing on their MacBook. This should be a person who’s creative, tech savvy and social media savvy. Someone who can really have fun with it.

2. Repurpose video from your website into social media and email

Whether with in-house video or using culture videos or event videos or whatever else produced from a professional video production team put your video marketing on every platform you can. You should have some professional corporate video somewhere on your site already and you should have a product video anywhere on your site that you are promoting a product or service. But your video ambassador can edit these down into smaller pieces. And if you smartly got your raw footage from you video production team on your last corporate video project that can be a great resource for shorter videos as well. It’s easy to cut up a video into small digestible segments and push them out over time over social media or wherever else. And if you are not sending video via your email sendouts you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE DOING THIS.

3. Use 360 video

It may sound intimidating but all you need is a GoPro to make quality 360 video. It’s still new enough of a technology that you’ll be able to really wow your audience when you use it in the corporate video space. You could use 360 to show off your office or feature your team during a company-wide meeting. And people will be amazed. Trust me.

4. Put training on video

This is a simple one but it makes all kinds of sense. Use video production once during a training session and never have to use company resources to do that training ever again. Also, you could do this for training clients on how to use your services if applicable.

5. Use internal video production resources on at least 3 of the following mediums:


If you are blogging on your site (as you definitely better be) then it makes sense to do some in video form. These can be especially good for SEO as well. You may even want to accompany your written posts with a video version. As vlogging is kind of a loose term this could also mean using video for regular announcements/updates that you do for your customers. You can do a regular weekly/monthly/quarterly video post talking to your audience about what’s new with your company, new products being released, announcements, etc.


AMAs, or ask-me-anything sessions, are live video events where customers and prospects can ask questions to your team. There’s a lot of good software options for hosting these, and you don’t need anything too sophisticated technology-wise. Record these to live on your YouTube page.


These are really underutilized and some of the most fun corporate video marketing you’ll ever do. A person with a phone walks up to an employee and asks a few questions. They can be serious company-related questions about new products or they can be silly get-to-know-you questions about their dog. But the best way to do these are to incorporate a little bit of both. Maybe create a set list of 5 questions and periodically ask a different team member every couple of weeks or so. People will learn about your company and your products but you’ll be amazed how good for business it is for clients to feel like they know your company’s people a little bit.


Do you have a FAQ section or a Meet the Team/About Us section on your site? Why not put them to video? It will stand out more and they’ll get to know you a little better.

Fun social media stuff

Don’t be afraid to really show your personalities in your social media. Show clips from conferences, happy hours (be careful on these), funny stuff happening around the office, goodbye parties or anything else. Video marketing doesn’t always have to be formal business video content. Your prospects and clients are real people who like to have fun and would like to see that you are real people who like to have fun also. We spend so much of our lives working. Let’s enjoy our lives a little more along the way.

Michael Mason is the Executive Producer of Perfect Chaos Films, a video production company in Austin TX specializing in corporate videos and legislative videos. Also bbq and tacos because Austin TX.


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