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The Austin Corporate Video Awards

Welcome to out inaugural Austin Corporate Video Awards! Here, we're going to to give out the best locations and ideas for shooting your corporate video or video marketing in Austin, TX.

Best "Our Team is Awesome" Award

The Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge on Lady Bird Lake

The bridge on Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake for the real ones) is not just the best location to shoot a team shot of your team for your company culture video, it's the best shooting location for your marketing, period. This is the best location to grab a team photo for your website, the best shot for employee photos, the best place for social media. It's the best, most scenic, most Austin-y place to shoot anything. It's a perfect 10.

Best "Austin is Pretty" Award

Overlooking Pennyback Bridge

For those who want a shot of their team, but real high. Oh, don't worry, it's a pretty easy hike, whether you go up the east or west side of the cliffs on Loop 360 overlooking the bridge in the city's west hills. Or it's a great stand alone shot for your company culture video or your product video to launch your new line of business. I mean, what signifies collaboration and connection better than an actual bridge?

Most "New Austin is Okay Too" Award

Butterfly Bridge

Some Austin expansion has met consternation among longtime locals, but this one they got right. Near the new Central Library is the Butterfly Bridge on Shoal Creek Blvd in downtown. It's a great new vibrant part of town. And the traffic can be light enough to get some great shots of your team without too many pedestrians. And who doesn't like a butterfly?

Best "This Employee is Amazing" Location Award

I Love You So Much mural

This a great spot to really show your appreciation for that certain special employee for social media content. Maybe they're celebrating an anniversary? Maybe they're retiring? Maybe it's just a fun cool spot to take a picture. But employees love appreciation like this. And come on, you live in Austin, you have to take a pose at this mural.

Most "We're Not Like Those Other Companies" Location Award

I Hate You So Much mural

Are you the more smartass kind of company? Show that personality by coming to the I Hate You So Much mural. If there's an unfunny picture of the CEO and CFO fake choking each other out at the I Hate You, I haven't seen it.

Best "Look We Did a Cool Timelapse Video" Timelapse Video Location Award


A cool thing any company culture video that wants to spotlight their city is a great timelapse video. It's symbolic of, "the crazy world keeps moving, we're still here." And since you can't really show randos in your company videos this creates a good way of showing people without showing people. And there's a few good options for this. 6th Street at night, SxSW crowds, ACL Fest. But I recommend SoCO on First Thursdays. SoCo is in the coveted 78704 district. It has cool shops and restaurants and the best eclectic mix of what we now know as Austinites. And the Capitol is in the back!

Best "We Love Texas" Spot Award

Capitol Building

Speaking of the Capitol Building, for a lot of people Texas pride is a big part of their identity. Maybe legislative advocacy is something your company is involved in? Austin is full of these kinds of civic structures, but nothing will ever beat the Capitol. No matter where you stand politically, we can agree that the Capitol is a gem.

Best "We Love the Outdoors and We're Cool Austin People" Location Award

Barton Springs Pool

This one's more of a general shot of Austin for your culture video, but it's an amazing site. Change will always be a constant in Austin, but the beauty and organic charm of Barton Springs will always prevail. Just don't get the wrong things in your shot, IYKYK.

Michael Mason is the owner of Perfect Chaos Films, a video production marketing company in Austin, TX. They specialize in company culture videos and legislative docs.


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