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4 (ish) Corporate Event Videos I Love

1. HIGHLIGHT PROMO VIDEO-Salesforce Dreamforce 2017

One of the great things about a high quality corporate event video is that it can both highlight a previous event and simultaneously promote your next corporate event. Probably no company on earth utilizes video production like Salesforce does for their events (they record literally 100s of session/sponsor videos they can use for their video marketing throughout the year). But this particular piece of video marketing is breathtaking. There’s beautiful drone shots and slow-motion effects, it highlights their advertisers and their amazing speakers and has great testimonial video that delivers the right amount of emotion. Dreamforce is one of the biggest and best corporate events so great footage is there for the taking but this is still video production at its finest.

2. PRE-SHOW VIDEO-Visual Domain 2015 Sales Conference Video

And sometimes a corporate event video isn’t shot at the actual event itself. Increasingly we’re seeing these pre-show videos that are used exclusively for rounding up attendees for their next event. And like many in this genre this promo video relies on imagery to go for a more inspirational angle. And it’s all gorgeous corporate video. I also like the use of inspirational quotes. I’m not even sure what this corporate event is even for but it kind of makes me want to run through a wall to attend it.

3. TESTIMONIAL VIDEO-Growth Marketing Conference

I wanted to use an example to show how effective good clean testimonial video can be for video marketing. Like a great meal a great corporate video is made of a few simple quality ingredients. In this case you have a few smart interesting interview subjects saying a few honest helpful things. And filmed by a highly skilled video production company that really knows to beautifully frame a shot.

4. BEST OVERALL-Fuel Detroit

I’ve mentioned this one before as one of my examples of great corporate videos your company should have and it’s because it’s my favorite in the genre. It starts off a little mysterious, using a lot of imagery of the setup for the event and transitions to all the amazing speakers and then the testimonials. A great corporate video should be structured like this, starting broad and getting more and more specific as it goes. Aesthetically it’s as amazing a corporate event video as you’ll ever see. But storytelling wise it’s as thoughtful and effective as you’ll see possible from a corporate video production company.

5. BONUS-Sunbelt 2017

This binus video is from our humble little Austin video production company. I’m mentioning it to highlight some of our thinking in creating it, because we tried to accomplish a few important things in these 2 minutes of video and we think we pulled it off. One was conveying the right emotion which is that of a folksy event that builders can have fun attending and we think the music hits the spot just right for that. We also did this on a low budget, even though it was outside of our Austin TX area. And you can only do that with an experienced video production company. But the major goal was to highlight the major benefits of attending the show. So instead of using testimonial sound bites throughout the video, which we could have, we condensed the speaking JUST to the benefits (size of the event, networking, innovative products, speakers, etc.) The other thing limiting the speaking in the video does is that emphasizes the visuals. We really feel that with great corporate event video production, or any other video production, we want the visuals to tell the story. Like with the old filmmaking adage, show don’t tell.

Michael Mason is the owner of Perfect Chaos Films, an Austin production company specializing in corporate video and video production for nonprofits. He also has lists of great Austin TX taco joints by request.

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