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5 (ish) Company Culture Videos I Love

No one is more passionate about their culture videos or their corporate cultures than us. Here’s a few I love.


A lot to love here but I really love the creative way they introduce the teams there. It’s very inclusive to the employees there and shows a lot of personality. You can pick up the core values instantly. Also one of the best uses of a narrator you’ll ever see.


This is way longer than we typically like but if you can pull off so much awkward and so much funny then go for it. What's a better human resource than humor?


From a style perspective it's as good as you can find. Also, narratively speaking, I like how it's not afraid to talk to programmers on a level they can relate to. You can see instantly if you're a cultural fit. A little geek speak doesn't hurt.


An interactive video, how amazing is that? You’ll never find a more brilliant way to highlight a company’s core values than with a choose-your-own-adventure.


I included this on a previous post but with good reason. The ‘This Is’ theme allows them to do so much. It’s funny, it’s emotional, it lets you see their day-to-day, it lets you see cultural landmarks, it’s got it all. The best company culture video I’ve seen to date.

Square Root


Ugh, sorry. I did. How obnoxious. But hear me out:

  1. I gave you five videos. This a bonus.

  2. I can’t take THAT much credit for this. Their company's culture is just really that good. It was a piece of cake for a filmmaker.

  3. I just love it so much.

Michael is the Executive Producer of Perfect Chaos Films in Austin, TX. Perfect Chaos Films specializes in corporate video and was named one of the fastest growing Austin video production companies.

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