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4 Corporate Marketing Videos You Could Do Post-COVID

As we approach the 70% vaccinated mark in the US we are back in the office. Or we will be soon. Or we will be as much as we will be for a while. Here in Austin TX we’re approaching pre-pandemic levels of unemployment and office visits are approaching normal levels. And you know what that means. It’s time to get back to your video marketing. Not your Zoom updates, not an animation piece, but real in-person corporate video marketing pieces. Something to really announce you’re back. Here are 4 ideas:

1. The WE’RE BACK Video

How about something that literally says you’re back? The concept for this is a simple video production that you could do yourself and would have a profound effect. Have a CEO-type (or another employee that is great on camera) stand in your newly opened office and announce your return. They could even talk about some of the challenges you’ve gone through and maybe even include examples of just how tough it was. Maybe you weren’t even sure your company was going to get out from the other side of this. This was a big deal. And it’s okay to be honest and vulnerable at a time like this. Honesty will actually only build confidence with your clients. Because despite all the challenges, you are, in fact, back.

2. Inspirational Video

If you really want to emphasize the emotional struggles of the past recent era you could do an inspirational voiceover-led video. You could show shots of your empty office. You could use cell phone photos of employees working from home. And although it tends to be less effective than your own organic local video production, you could stock images of your local environment; with shots of empty highways, closed signs, etc. You should build to uplifting music as the video goes, with images of employees in the office, at happy hour, etc. End on an uplifting note to suggest you are thriving again.

3. Company Update Video

Another similar option to the ‘We’re Back’ video would be to have a video production of a company employee explaining what ways your company has changed in the last year and a half. Do you have new services? Did the pandemic cause you to change processes? What are your visions for the future? PRO TIP: don’t refer to your “new normal.” Every corporate video in the world has said that. We’ve all heard it. Don’t be that guy.

4. A We’re Hiring Video

What we call a company culture video, this is a common corporate video project meant to highlight your unique company culture and what a good place you have to work. This is done with employee interviews, fun music, b-roll of your office, b-roll of your local scenery and hotspots and some shots of your team having fun together. Right now hiring may be near an all-time level of difficulty. This 2 minute video is the type of video production that can pay off exponentially down the road.

You still may be somewhat hesitant about your resources and capabilities at this point. Some people are still out of the office, your office is still kind of empty, etc. But having the most perfect impressive stylish video production is not your most important priority right now. And remember that storytelling is always going to be more important than visuals. Tell your company’s story and see the results.

Michael Mason is a video production owner in Austin TX specializing in corporate videos and corporate documentaries.


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