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We Asked Austin Video Production Companies...What Are the 5 Most Common Types of Corporate Videos?

We talked to some Austin video production companies and freelance professionals about what types of corporate videos they typically do the most or see the most. Here are their top 5 answers...

1. Training Videos

They’re not always flashy and you probably won’t see them splashed on the company’s website or YouTube page but internal training videos (HR videos, sales training, new hire videos, etc) have always been the most commonly done corporate videos and that probably won’t change anytime soon. It simply takes too much time (money) to train employees every time there is a new company initiative or a new hire so why not just do it once with video production? In an age where people are increasingly working from home/remotely this makes even more sense.

And corporate training videos aren’t always boring. Sure often times they are produced homemade and won’t be confused with Spielberg. But sometimes they’re produced with a professional video production company so they’re more watchable for employees. Especially when companies anticipate using a training video for some time.

2. “What We Do” Product Videos

Explainer videos are especially common in Austin TX, a place with a lot of tech companies doing techie things that often require a little simplification. Typically 1-2 minute videos that exist prominently on a company’s homepage, explainer product videos are wide-ranging in scope. Often they are animated, which could mean basic infographics, “whiteboard” animation or complex 3-D character animation. Equally as common are live action explainers. They could be simple talking head videos done by the owner/spokesperson or they could be more complex videos incorporating multiple elements and employees that also highlight the culture of the company.

3. Client Testimonial Videos

A great thing to have on a company’s services page on their website are testimonial videos. As we always say here, show don’t tell, whenever you possibly can. So even better than having client referrals on your site are having well-produced videos where prospects can see the client referrals straight from their own mouth. A great testimonial video on a company’s site might sell the product better than a sales person could.

4. Company “Diaries”

Per our informal survey we’re finding that company diaries, often short talking head videos done by a company employee shared via social media, are quickly rising on this list. And, to be honest, they’re not common enough. Not only does a company’s social media presence need to create good content, it needs to consistently create a decent amount of volume of it. Increasingly, brands are doing regular (weekly/monthly/quarterly) updates that fill in clients with what’s going on in the company. Clients love the information but they really love the personal touch these provide. And probably the best thing is that if a company knows its way around video production a little bit, these should be done by the company themselves. Which could save some money in the long run.

5. Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos are popular; and probably the most fun. Culture videos could also be referred to as recruitment videos and often live on a company’s hiring page on their site. Again, the tech sector is a big reason for the popularity of company culture videos in Austin. Technology companies are constantly in need of good engineering talent and having a video showing a company’s personality and cool perks and awesome office space is a great way to attract that talent.

But any company will tell you that they are only as good as their team. So a company culture video makes a lot of sense for any type of company looking to bring in the best people. These days, having a great company culture video is a necessity.

Michael Mason is the owner of Perfect Chaos Films, an Austin video production company specializing in corporate videos.

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